Cute Kitty Cat Donut Decoration

Posted by Planet Bake on Mar 7th 2021

Cute Kitty Cat Donut Decoration

Cute Kitty Cat Donut Decoration 

Tips on how to make kitty cat donuts in under an hour 

Hi Cat Lovers, if you are looking for kitty cat like donuts to make at home, keep reading and find some easy tips on how to make them in under an hour. These donuts are so easy to make they would also work very well for a kids party, where all the kids can work together and be a Master Chef Junior. You can use any donut recipe and start from scratch or you can use our easy donut baking mix, where you only add water and coconut oil. Yes, no other ingredients are necessary. Great right!? A bonus, if any kids at the party has any allergies, with this mix you can mostly cover it all, unless they have a tree nut allergy.

Hey, let's get started. To decorate these donuts you only need dark and white baking chocolate chips that melt, some whole almonds, a plastic or piping bag, sprinkles and a few round pearls or small sugar eyes.

After your donuts come out of the oven, let them fully cool. While you wait for them to cool, you can place your chocolate in a water bath or a double chocolate boiler. We suggest using a saucepan filling it 1.5” with water and placing a ceramic cup that can take super high temperatures inside with the chocolate chips. Make sure the ceramic bowl does get water inside and is reaching at least 0.5” above the water so you have room to take it out once ready without burning yourself on the hot water.

Stir the chocolate chips. If you want to thin out the chocolate mixture add either 1 tsp of coconut oil or add one cube of cocoa butter to it. This will make the chocolate more runny and easier to work with when coating the donuts.

Make sure you have all tools handy when the donuts are cooled.

First Step: Take the chocolate and transfer it to a shallow dish to dip the donut head on into it. Coat all donuts with the chocolate. If you like colored kitty cats make sure to work with white vegan chocolate (we love David Kings Vegan Chocolate for baking) and add your food coloring to it to get the color you like.

Step Two: After you dipped all donuts in the melted chocolate, take the whole almonds and dip the pointy side into the chocolate as well. Immediately pock the other side into the donut with wet chocolate to create the kitty cats ears. The ears should be about 1.5”-2” apart from each other.

If you see some spots that are not covered with chocolate take a small spoon and add extra chocolate.

Step Three: Take the white melted chocolate and scoop about 1 tbsp into a piping bag or plastic bag. Cut a tiny hole at the end and do a squeeze test on a plate. Once the chocolate comes out, start drawing the cat's nose and hair and anything else you wish to decor the cat’s body (the donut) with. In our image we did two paws that we filled with sprinkles.

Tip: If the donuts with full glaze are not fully dried up yet before adding the fine lines of hair and nose place them inside the refrigerator for 5 minutes to set and harden.

Step Four: Take the eyes or sugar pearls dip them into the dark chocolate and place the eyes onto the donuts. Let everything dry and your kitty cats are born. Enjoy!