Easter Bunny Decor

Posted by Planet Bake on Apr 1st 2021

Easter Bunny Decor

Vegan Easter Bunny Donut Decoration 

easy bunnies decor to make at home 

Easter is always so much fun, especially for kids. What’s a better thing to do with the family than preparing for Easter and decorating the Easter table, am I right? Beautiful, good smelling flowers, nice colored easter eggs, good smelling desserts and so much candy. These decorated donuts are easy to make and they are perfect for kids. You can use any donut recipe or you can use our easy donut baking mix, where you only add water and coconut oil. Yes, no other ingredients are necessary. Great right!? As a bonus, if anyone in your family has any allergies such as gluten or soy, with this mix you can mostly cover it all, unless someone has a tree nut allergy.

So let's get started. To decorate these donuts you only need a few things; (vegan) sprinkles, sugar eyes, fondant or marzipan. In our case we used marzipan which we made from scratch, all you need is almond flour, powdered sugar and a touch of water. make sure you have a few tools, such as a small brush to paint the paws, white chocolate and natural pink food coloring, we love supernatural food colors that come in a powdered form.

After your donuts come out of the oven, let them fully cool. While you wait for them to cool, you can place your (vegan) white chocolate in a water bath or a double chocolate boiler. I suggest using a saucepan filling it 1.5 inch with water and placing a ceramic cup that holds the chocolate inside the water. Make sure the ceramic bowl does get water inside and is reaching at least 0.5” above the water so you have room to take it out once it is ready without burning yourself on the hot water.

Stir the chocolate. If you need to thin out the chocolate mixture add either 1 tsp of coconut oil or add one cube of cocoa butter to it. This will make the chocolate more runny and easier to work with when coating the donuts.

First Step: Take the chocolate and transfer it to a shallow dish to dip the donut head on into it. Coat all donuts with the plain white chocolate. For the white vegan chocolate we love and use David Kings Vegan Chocolate. Take about 2 tbsp of white chocolate out into another small cup and add your pink food coloring to it to get the color of pink for the paws you like.

Step Two: After you dipped all donuts in the melted chocolate, take the sprinkles and sprinkle them on top of the donuts. Don’t wait too long otherwise the sprinkles may not hold.

Step Three: Take the fondant or marzipan and form little balls. Press each ball down with your thumb to create a flat paw that looks like in our image above. Once you have formed all the hands, make additional balls for each donut that will serve as a bunny tail. 

Step Four: Take the pink colored chocolate, grab your brush and dip it into the chocolate, now paint the paw on each flat round paw, something like an up-side-down triangle with 3 dots on top. great you have your first paw. Remember each bunny needs 2 of them. Draw on all the paws to finish. Cool them inside the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes before placing them onto the donut. 

Step Four: Add any cream of your choosing into the donut hole, top it with the tail ball that you have created before. Your Bunny Buds Donuts are ready to be served!