Egg Substitution Guide for Vegan Baking

Posted by Planet Bake on Feb 4th 2021

Egg Substitution Guide for Vegan Baking

Hello food lovers,

We just had our live event regarding plant based nutrition and vegan baking and the feedback was amazing. Today we want to share a few more tips and tricks and shed some light on egg replacements in order for you to get into the kitchen and start experimenting. If you have some extra time on your hands right now, great, go for it and bake some yummy goodies.

Most products you find these days that are vegan contain a lot of coconut. Coconut products have no place when it comes to egg replacers, see for yourself what works instead:

Flax Egg

Super simple to use and flax seeds are available in almost every grocery store! To replace 1 egg use 1 tbsp of flax seeds and ground them in a blender, now add 3 tbsp of water to the1 tbsp of flax and mix. leave it sitting for 3-5 minutes and it is ready to be used and can be mixed into your batter.

Try a Ripe Banana Egg Substitute

Use a whole ripe banana for every egg. Smash the banana with a fork or blender and add to your batter.

Husk Powder Egg Replacement

Use 1 tsp of husk powder with 3 tsp of water to replace one egg. Mix the husk with the water and leave it sitting for about 2 minutes. Whisk it into your batter as you do with raw eggs.

Applesauce Egg Replacement

To replace 1 egg use 1/4 cup of applesauce. Be careful by adding more than 1/4cup. The batter will not bake properly and will be looking ad tasting still raw inside your baked good or cake.

Chia Seeds Egg Replacement

To replace 1 egg use 1 Tbsp of Chia Seeds blend them in a blender until grounded. Add 2.5 Tbsp of water and mix. Leave it sitting for about 5 minutes until it forms a paste. Sometimes it takes a bit longer than the 5 minutes to activate. Remember chia seeds themselves like to sit in the fridge overnight, this is not something you have to do here though as it will be incorporated with other ingredients and bake. Our favorite brand for chia is Better Body Foods, available at Target or on their own website.

Something we personally like a lot is JUST EGG

Replace every egg with 4 Tbsp on Just Egg. The consistency is amazing and almost egg like. If you mix the real egg yolk and whites it is almost the same consistency as this Just Egg liquid made from lentils. If a recipe calls for a large egg, add an extra 1 Tbsp. Your baked goods will come out light and fluffy. This is our ultimate favorite. Also a good food to start replacing your morning scrambled eggs.

There are other brands who offer egg replacer as well to give you some ideas, read on!


We have never used this one personally but would give it a try. Instructions on how to sue this product are on the back of the packaging. 

Bob's and Mills Egg Replacer

Mix 1 Tbsp of powder with 2 Tbsp of water and leave it sitting for 1 minute.

Another egg replacement powder form for easy usage is Neat Egg made of chia seeds and garbanzo beans.

For 1 egg take 7g of neat egg powder and add water as instructed on packaging.