Happy National Donut Day

Posted by Maya Goldstein on Jun 4th 2021

Happy National Donut Day

Happy National Doughnut day everyone! 

I am sure you are all thrilled to know that today is the day where we can eat all the doughnuts we want and the calories do not count. To make the best of the day we have to eat good quality doughnuts that are delicious and exciting. To make it easy for everyone we have created a list of high quality doughnuts to enjoy with a list of pros.

1. Planet Bake Baked Donuts:

Planet Bake is a vegan CPG brand. Not only does it offer in pre-made items to eat as soon as they arrive but for the bakers out there Planet Bake offers baking mixes and baking kits to be able to bake doughnuts at home! For doughnut day Planet Bake offers keto, vegan, gluten free, soy-free doughnuts. You can’t lose this summer holiday by picking up a planet bake option. Free donuts are available for National Donut Day, and Planet Bake is now adding a pick up location in Manhattan as well.

2. Krispy Kreme:

This is a fan favorite option. They are not gluten free or vegan but they are covered in sugar and made ready to eat. In a fun twist they have many different types including key line and filled.

3. Doughnutplant:

Are you looking for gluten free vegan doughnuts that are delicious and come in many types?

4. Snoozy’s Grain-Free packaged

For those who are not looking to go out to buy their doughnut look no further. Snoozys is a prepackaged option that can be popped open and toasted at home for the whole family to enjoy. They are grain free, dairy free, peanut free, and ready to be eaten at a moment's notice.

5. Elite Protein Donut

This is a healthier doughnut option. It has protein in it AND is keto friendly, for those of us who want to celebrate the day without breaking our habits.

Celebrate doughnut day right with so many doughnuts that you pop the button on your jeans! Comment below what you decided to do to celebrate.