How to Make Vegan + Low-Carb Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted by Planet Bake on Nov 4th 2021

How to Make Vegan + Low-Carb Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you on a strict diet and  are asking yourself if you are having a thanksgiving meal this year, you might be surprised what you can do if you are willing to take the time and cook for yourself or the entire family.

We found some amazing recipes online and did some tweaks to them to make it vegan + low-carb. We will through in some easy options for when you run out of time - like our all time favorite the Tofurkey Turkey.

Every couple of days from now we will release a series of recipes to get you excited and motivated to keep your lifestyle / diet even during the upcoming holidays.


Holiday Cheese Ball Platter

We will line up some great vegan cheese recipes, but if you live in New York City like we do you can simply go to your vegan cheese shop Riverdel to get your cheeses for the big dinner already prepared.

With that we would recommend something unique 

Mushroom Pate


Fall Panzanella Salad

Served with 

Portobello Steak and Lemon Basil Aioli


Butternut Squash Shepherds Pie

Served with 

Festive Falafel with Sugar-Free Cranberry Pear Dip

Smokey Southern Style Meatless Meatloaf

Leak and Mushroom Rice Stuffed Squash (here couscous)

Sweet Potato Ravioli with Mushrooms

Glazed Carrots with Lemon Cashew Sauce


Apple Cinnamon Pie with Dairy-Free Ice Cream


Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail / Mocktail

Cranberry Rosemary Cocktail / Mocktail