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Jackie Aanonsen McEwan is the founder of Gluten Free Follow Me, the guide to living gluten-free. Eight years ago, Jackie learned she had celiac disease. She had just graduated from Georgetown University and moved to New York City for her finance job. Jackie had to figure out what gluten was, what foods she could eat, what foods she had to avoid, and the nuances in between. It was incredibly overwhelming, and she wished she had a go-to guide to tell her all she needed to know about following a gluten-free diet. This manual did not yet exist so Jackie did a ton of research and learned how to maneuver being gluten-free at restaurants and in her own kitchen. Gluten Free Follow Me was born! glutenfreefollowme.com allows users to do their own customized searches across 2,500+ gluten-free friendly eateries, products, and recipes she’s personally reviewed and made.

Amira: I grew up in Queens, but I now reside on Long Island, and I have four siblings. Growing up I struggled with dealing with my mental illness, and quickly found myself spiraling. My therapists had always tried to show me different coping mechanisms, but none of them worked for me. That was until I found baking! Every since I was a little girl I loved to cook and bake! I would spend hours in the kitchen and my mother was really supportive, and even registered me for baking classes! 

Ciara is a TV host, reporter and fitness expert based in Columbus, OH. Her professional career has encompassed contributing to local and national newsrooms, producing educational on-air health segments. Beyond broadcast, Ciara is a certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach. She works with clients who are seeking help to improve their lifestyles to support health and longevity. Her business ‘Fit for a Queen’ aims to empower and inspire women from all walks of life to prioritize their health through movement and healthy eating.

Jill Cruz weight loss expert

Jill Cruz, MS, CNS helps women over 40 that hate dieting to lose weight and feel great without being deprived. Jill has a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition and is a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist. Jill combines her strong science-based background with tons of practical nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle guidance, helping people strive to be the best versions of themselves. She is on a mission to guide women to achieve their wildest dreams for their health while loving the food they eat and the life they live.

Amy Snyder is the founder of Keto Kulture, a support network for helping people get started with and maintaining a low carb lifestyle. She was recommended to give the keto diet a go by her Doctor after finding out she was prediabetic, even though she lived a healthy lifestyle. She learned that not all people do well with carbohydrates and wanted to create a support system for people in the same boat. The network offers recipes, meal plans, coaching, supplement recommendations and community for people interested in learning more & receiving help with low-carb and keto. Amy is a single mom, weightlifter, and loves developing and sharing recipes on TikTok and Instagram. Find her as @the_keto_dealer.